The Hobbit ebook by J.R.R Tolkein

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The Hobbit is a fantasy classic and a novel that will entertain all age groups. This book was written in 1937 by J.R.R Tolkein and is a precursor to the famous Lord of the Rings series.

Tolkein is one of the most celebrated fantasy writers of all time and The Hobbit is an extraordinary example of his work. The children’s book has captivated adults and children alike for over 80 years and it is still a must read.


The Hobbit features Bilbo Baggins as the protagonist. Bilbo is a conservative and respected hobbit that often misses the comforts of home and complains about not having enough food. He is accompanied by Gandalf the Grey a powerful and mysterious wizard.

The novel follows Bilbo on his journey with a company of dwarfs as they leave the Shire in search of a hidden treasure underneath the Lonely Mountain. On their way, they encounter goblins, dragons, wizards, orks and much more.

Throughout the story Bilbo is of little help to the expedition, but after finding a magical ring he and Gandalf are able to work together to get out of their troubles and dangerous situations.


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